Eenden / ducks



Heron and frog

This heron has discovered the gourmet fare at our pond…


First snow

Woke up to a white world this morning. Now, at 12.30 there still are a few white patches in the shade. I’m glad we had our winter wheels installed yesterday.

This blackbird was picking berries in our garden this morning.


Mieren verstoord / Ants disturbed

Soft bedding for great tits


When some time ago the lilac tree in our garden blew over, we created a kind of tripod out of the stands. It is about 2 m high. Our four cats use this tripod daily for climbing exercises. And as a vantage point from which they can look over the fence out of the garden. The garden is entirely fenced in and the fence is topped with electric fencing to prevent the cats from leaving the garden. This is for their own safety, but also to save our neighbours several pounds of cat manure each month.



One of our cats has a long coat. Last winter we noticed that the tits are really interested in the hair is there to get that through the wood. They collect it for nesting material. Ever since, we regularly tie a tuft of Thomas’ hair to the wood, so that the tits never lack in bedding.

greattit3.jpgThis morning I found a great tit rigorously pulling at a tuft of hair. Thomas also watched the great tit’s antics, which caused him to make these funny noises that To make when they see a prey which they cannot get at. Eck, eck, eck, really cute. Anyway, I got the chance to make some photographs of the great tit as well as an excited Thomas.

Wren nesting box


Nesting box in position

nestkastje.jpgToday we put the nesting boxes up in position. Almost immediately we had a visit from prospective inhabitants. Not that we actually saw any bird, but one of our cats jumped onto the window sill while loudly vocalising and proceeded to stare at the box for the next 10 minutes, swishing her tail. There’s only one possible reason for her sudden interest.


ijsvogel.jpgWe live in a rather urbanised area, so were extremely surprised to see a kingfisher while walking home from the allotment. Unfortanately we had no camera with us. It was an amazing sight.

The photograph is by Eric Van Colenberghe.
I hope he doesn’t mind me using it.

Nesting box

vogelhuisje.jpgTwo boys and a girl came by our door this afternoon, wanting to sell home made nestingboxes. The eldest boy was saving up money for a pet and tried to make a bit extra by being industrious. Usually I’m quite wary of boys trying to sell something at the door, but this bunch of kids seemed genuine. Since I applaud initative in children when they try to make some money for something they want, we’ve now got two nesting boxes.

About yesterday

buized.jpgEn route to my allotment I pass the composting company. It is a quiet road between a dike (along a canal) and the composting company. There are always chickens pottering about. While I passed that yesterday, a buzzard (buteo buteo)flew up from the roadside. My first thought is that it must have grabbed a chicken, but when I looked there was a dead rabbit which he left behind. The photograph in this post is not by myself, but I found it on the Internet on a website with a story by Martijn de Jonge. I hope he doesn’t mind me using it to illustrate my post of today. If he does, I’ll be happy to remove the photo.