!!My blog has moved!!

I’ve decided to move my blog to an independently hosted WordPress version instead of the free WordPress hosted spot. Not that I’m not pleased with free WordPress hosting, on the contrary. It is fast and hassle free. But I wanted to be able to have a more elegant multi-lingual blog. And for that you need a pluging, which the free WordPress hosting doesn’t support.

So I invite you to come and have a look at www.jandrasweblog.com/wp and continue reading my posts there, if you like. If the posts do not show in English automatically, you can select the language in the left hand menu.

Hope to see you soon!


Cats on the move



No/few entries for a while

We are moving to a different part of the country. So I’ll be busy preparing and packing and trying to keep the allotment in order. I imagine I won’t have much time to write blog entries, unfortunately. But I’ll be back!

Helleborus niger


Reuse of wine bottle boxes


Schaatspret/Ice scating fun


Plans and resolutions

2009 will most probably be quite an exciting year for us. DH has found a new job in a different city and we plan to move there a.s.a.p. Easier said than done, in the current house market situation. Despite the circumstances I’m quite hopeful that we’ll be able to sell the house this spring or summer. We have a really nice house on the corner of a row in a housing estate. The neighbourhood is nice and quiet. Perfect for children as there is very little traffic.

All these planned changes cause a bit of a conundrum for me regarding my allotment… It’s not really motivating to invest a lot of time and effort, knowing that at any moment we might move to a different city. On the other hand it’s simply inconceibable not to have an allotment this year, so I’ve decided to proceed with the allotment as I’d otherwise have. After all we have no idea how long it might take for us to actually move to our new destination, so I might have quite a bit of harvest to look forward to before we leave.


  • Try and keep the weeds on the allotment under control.
  • Buy less.
  • If I buy: get more ethically produced and organic products.
  • Organize my to do lists for work and personal life.
  • The new house (whatever it may be): consider renewable and ‘green’ alternatives for fixing up the new house to our liking.
  • New allotment or (hopefully) veg plot in garden of new house: create raised beds, try to arrange new plot in such a way that it requires least maintainence and produces maximum yield (with organic means, of course).
  • Grow more tomatoes (lots!)
  • Eat less sugar
  • Practise yoga at least 2 x a week
  • Be more organized in meal preparation (= eat more home-cooked meals, also for lunches)

Right… enough! We’ll see how much of that I’ll be able to achieve.

Gelukkig (or Happy ) 2009!!!


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone who reads this blog (and to those few who don’t, too)

How to slaughter a Hokkaido type pumpkin

I used to be intimidated by pumpkins, until I figured out how to cut them up. This way works for me.

Take a knife (not serrated) and take of outer ends

Stick knife in pumpkin and cut, making sure to keep the cutting edge at right angles with the pumpkin ‘wall’.


When the pumpkin is halved and emptied of seeds, remove the skin with a vegetable peeler. This type of pumpkin doesn’t need a more thorough peeling than this. And I know some who don’t peel them at all. I let the peel drop over the side of the working top.


Then cut up the halves, keeping the the knife at right angles.


And you end up with this:


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