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Phew, step one is done: Our house has been transferred to the new owners, we have been homeless for 8 days and we camped in our small tent during that time. Then we moved into our temporary new house and our stuff arrived from  storage and finally the cats are back from their hotel.

We’re working on step two: Buying a house just accross the border in Germany.

But for now we’re settling in in our rented house. I just made a bit of applesauce from apples from our garden here. The house has a large garden as we measure these things here in the Netherlands and it has an orchard of about 10 very neglected fruit trees. When I saw that I knew we’d want to rent this house! We also harvested some plums.

The apple tree may be a “Transparante Blanche ” or  “Yellow Transparent”. A very early apple which starts to taste ‘mealy’ very quickly. The cable to connect our camera with the pc is still boxed somewhere… pictures to follow after it has been retrieved.


Pizza rolls

pizzarondjesklaarOne of my resolutions for this year Is to eat more home made lunches. Especially when I need to travel for work and I am at a railway station or petrol station I tend to buy snacks for lunch. Expensive and, though I do not go for the really unhealthy stuff, not as healthy as it could be.

So I am on a quest to find some home-made snacks which can be frozen and taken out of the freezer in the morning, to be ready to eat at lunch.

On the Internet I found an idea which I had thought of myself. But on this blog I read about these roles being frozen and used for lunch. So I am going to give it a try.

pizzarondjesFirst I made up some ‘standard dough’ of 300 g of flour (of which 200 g organic wholemeal and 100 g strong wheat), 1, 5 tsp of instant yeast, 0.75 tsp of salt and 180 mL of water. I put my Panasonic breadmaker to the pizza program and while the machine was kneading I prepared a simple sauce: one medium-size onion, one small clove of garlic sautéed in a pan, I added some canned


tomatoes and Italian herbs. All except the olive oil and herbs was homegrown.

I rolled out the dough into a flat square and topped it with the sauce. I also added some grated cheese.

Next I rolled up the square and cut it in to 2 cm wide slices, which I placed on a tray. I left everything to rise over the next half hour and then put the first tray in a preheated oven for 15 minutes.  They are delicious. Time will tell how well they will taste after having been frozen and thawed.

PS: Delicious!

How to slaughter a Hokkaido type pumpkin

I used to be intimidated by pumpkins, until I figured out how to cut them up. This way works for me.

Take a knife (not serrated) and take of outer ends

Stick knife in pumpkin and cut, making sure to keep the cutting edge at right angles with the pumpkin ‘wall’.


When the pumpkin is halved and emptied of seeds, remove the skin with a vegetable peeler. This type of pumpkin doesn’t need a more thorough peeling than this. And I know some who don’t peel them at all. I let the peel drop over the side of the working top.


Then cut up the halves, keeping the the knife at right angles.


And you end up with this:


Baking bread

I regularly bake bread. It gets kneaded by the Panasonic bread baking machine and then usually gets baked in the oven.

The recipe: 500 grams of light wholemeal, 300 grams of water, 1 egg, a small lump of butter, 10 ml instant yeast (5 x 1/2 tsp), 5 ml (5 x 1/4 tsp) salt.


Fruit leather

First fruit leather I ever made. A windfall quince, sugar and some left over homemade applesauce were the ingredients.

Tomatoes for canning

My tomato plants have been struck by blight and the plants are deteriorating fast. There’s still quite some green fruit there, though, so I’m leaving it on and have been harvesting the (almost) ripe tomatoes that have not been blighted yet. Yesterday I had enough to justify a small canning session. It’s nice to have four more pots of canned tomato in the larder.

Borlotti beans

Ready for a 48 hour period of freezing to kill off any bugs/larvae/eggs, then storage in a tight container at room temperature.



Christmas tree pear

Kerstboompeer (christmas tree pear): The name of this beautiful cooking pear. ’t Was a windfall and we ate it tonight. Taste was all right, but next time I’ll need to cook it a bit longer.




rozijnenbolletjes (raisin rolls)

rozijnenbolletjes (raisin rolls)

Canned squashed pumpkin

pompoeninpotjes.jpgLast week one of the last three pumkins in our winter storage turned out te have rotted/moulded. One of the remaining two showed a spot on the skin… obviously time to eat them. But what if you don’t really need any pumpkin now?

Well, you can always clean them and chop them in pieces and cook untill done. Next puree them. Then fill a few sanitized jars with said hot puree. After cooling they can be kept for another few months. In the fridge, to prevent any chance of botulism. If you can them properly in a pressure cooker, you can keep them outside the refrigerator.

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