Saxifragas / Hepatica





(Rock) garden flowers

Saxifraga burseriana





I like Daphnes. Not the ladies, but the plants. They are attractive shrubs, most are wintergreen and when they flower they don’t just attract the eye, but also the nose.

Here’s a picture of Daphne x thauma. Close up, it is just a tiny plant.

daphne x thauma

Here’s Daphne Cheriton. A rather larger sort Daphne with in front a rock garden variety of Iberis.

daphne en iberis

Front garden

If you get on to your knees and look at the front garden from the side of the house, this is what you see today:




Usually I do not have much luck with growing primula’s, but this one is there for the second year. And looking pretty. Hurray!

Rock garden overview

Our back garden with incongruous propagator for allotment vegetables.

Saxifraga “Wisley”

Saxifraga \"Wisley\"

The alpine garden

draba.jpgIn alpine garden spring has already sprung.  The nice thing about alpine plants is that many of them flower quite early.  Of course the tiny cyclamen (coum) have already flowered for a while.  Alsosaxi.jpg the snowdrops and pulmonaria in flower.  And to alpine garden enthusiast it won’t come as a surprise that draba and saxifrage already have buds.  These small plants with their flowers of only half a centimetre somewhat less well-known.  Both plants make small cushions.  They are quite attractive when in flower.