Heron and frog

This heron has discovered the gourmet fare at our pond…



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  1. 26 december 2008 bij 20:57

    This is such a fascinating photo. This happened near your pond? Such varied wildlife!

  2. plot101 said,

    27 december 2008 bij 0:14

    Yes, this was a few feet from our pond. Frog caught in a small (3 x 5 ft pond) in a small suburban garden (21 x 21 ft).

    The heron caught the frog, then moved away a few feet to wait for the frog to stop squirming and then moved back to the pond and dipped the frog in the water several times. Never seen such behaviour. Perhaps to lubricate it? The bird then flew away still clamping the frog in its bill. It probably saw me moving behind the window.

  3. 29 december 2008 bij 20:29

    great picture (not so great for the frog.. but everything has to eat..)

  4. plot101 said,

    29 december 2008 bij 21:39

    Thank you. We have a great camera. Well, frog legs are reputed to be very tasty… can’t blame the heron, really.

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