Rode uien / red onions



First harvest from temp garden

Yesterday I got the first harvest from my temporary veg garden at our temporary house. Apart from the established orchard, not much is growing here except lawn.

So I planted some dwarf French beans (purple princess) which I had sown in a container earlier in the season. They were just in flower when planted, so after 10 days I get to harvest the first beans!

So far I only have some basil planted, but I mean to sow some salad greens soon.

Orange tomatoes for drying

From a selection of seeds of various coloured tomatoes suitable for drying.





As of thsi week I’ve been eating tomatoes out of the polytunnel. Variety: Ida Gold. This variety is the only one that has been giving me harvest consistently, even in years of blight. This is because it is so early that no matter what, I’ll have been able to harvest some before disaster strikes.

Oogst / Harvest


Potato experiment concluded

Last year’s potato harvest started to chit uncontrollably so I had to throw the last potatoes away. I saved two and put them in a bucket of soil each and kept them in the attic. By 1 March they started to get very leggy so I put the buckets in the poly tunnel. Those first stalks froze, but the plants grew happily. Around mid April I put them in a sheltered spot outside. For the last few days the plants weren’t looking so good anymore, though, so today I decided to harvest.


These must be the earliest first early potatoes ever. 1150 grams. And they taste soooo good!

Eerste aardbei / first strawberry


Sla / Lettuce


Oogst / harvest


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