Back on the web

Phew, step one is done: Our house has been transferred to the new owners, we have been homeless for 8 days and we camped in our small tent during that time. Then we moved into our temporary new house and our stuff arrived from  storage and finally the cats are back from their hotel.

We’re working on step two: Buying a house just accross the border in Germany.

But for now we’re settling in in our rented house. I just made a bit of applesauce from apples from our garden here. The house has a large garden as we measure these things here in the Netherlands and it has an orchard of about 10 very neglected fruit trees. When I saw that I knew we’d want to rent this house! We also harvested some plums.

The apple tree may be a “Transparante Blanche ” or  “Yellow Transparent”. A very early apple which starts to taste ‘mealy’ very quickly. The cable to connect our camera with the pc is still boxed somewhere… pictures to follow after it has been retrieved.


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