Freedom harvest challenge

freedomharvestchallengeThis year I’ll be weighing all harvest from my garden and allotment. I’ve decided to join the Freedom Harvest Challenge where a collective tally of participants is kept. In the end the hope is to have a million pounds harvest in total.

This year’s harvest so far:

  • leeks 672 gr
  • lettuce 350 gr
  • parsnips 2500 gr
  • kale 350 gr

09harvest_statmarch1I’ve found a nice excelsheet in which to keep my records. You can download it from here. It’ll be fun to know at the end of the year how much harvest my allotment has yielded.


2 reacties

  1. Chiot's Run said,

    1 maart 2009 bij 17:39

    Glad you can use this! I’m super excited for spring to come here so I can start filling mine in!

    I’m also glad you’re going to be a part of the Freedom Harvest Challenge. Can’t wait to see if we can all meet the goal!

    • plot101 said,

      1 maart 2009 bij 17:54

      Yes, I’m also curious if we’ll meet the goal with the Freedom Harvest Challenge. I’m not much for participating inchallenges, but I like this one and it’ll motivate me to keep track of what I harvest.
      The xls sheet will be very useful. The produce harvested now has all been frozen and thawed, but it’s still good. The salad greens come out of my poly tunnel. When it freezes they look all wilted, but they perk up when temps go up.

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