Cracking nuts

I like walnuts. I like them a lot. And we are lucky enough to have several walnut trees in the neighbourhood where I can find them in autumn, though there are lots of other people were also interested so it’s a matter of luck if you find any. But by going searching regularly I can usually collect quite a few walnuts. I also ask around for nuts if people have them in excess. If you have one or two large trees, you can easily find you have more walnuts then you can use. Now that people know that I am interested to get them, they will accept gifts of walnuts even if they don’t use them themselves. The nuts get passed on to me, which makes me happy.

But then I find myself facing a bucket of nuts which have to be cracked/shelled. Right…

Using traditional nutcrackers (of the twisting or squeezing kind) I find my hands and arms soon hurting, so I devised my own, high-tech method of cracking walnuts. As it really is too complicated to explain in words, I add a photograph.


The stone is a salvaged piece of marble from a tabletop. Perfect anvil for nut cracking.


2 reacties

  1. 5 februari 2009 bij 16:55

    We have the same highly technical method when it comes around to almond time. I’ve broken so many nutcrackers – nothing is as quick, easy or stress-busting as a hammer!

  2. plot101 said,

    5 februari 2009 bij 16:56

    Amen to that!

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