I’ve been tagged!

treeofhappinessI’ve been tagged by Colour it green with the Tree of Happiness.

Thank you!

So now I’m supposed to write down 6 things which make me happy, so here goes:

  1. Being with DH
  2. Singing
  3. Gardening (Veg, Fruit and Alpines)
  4. Our cats
  5. Learning about what interests me at any particular time
  6. A hike in the mountains (notably absent in the NETHERlands, but still…)

I will refrain from tagging any other sites, as I know that several of the people I have in mind don’t want to be tagged. As this is the first time I’ve been tagged I’m not sure if this is a gross breach of protocol… if so, I hope someone will kindly instruct me and I’ll remove this post from my weblog alltogether.


2 reacties

  1. 22 november 2008 bij 12:34

    ah a good way of handling it. wish i thought of just not passing it on… difficult huh…

  2. Annemieke said,

    29 november 2008 bij 19:20

    Hey Jandra,
    What an impressive list !
    Maybe not a real tag, but in my very unfinished website your log is mentioned !
    Now there aren’t a whole lot of people who know about my website (thank god) but Hey, there you are !

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