Apple harvest

After having picked the last of the Katja Balsgaard apples last week (some 35 apples), we picked the Elstar apples this week. This year we have some 45 apples. Last year, the first year the tree had apples, we had 11. So that’s not bad! Delicious and healthy, isn’t that great?


2 reacties

  1. 19 september 2008 bij 22:50

    they look lovely!

  2. plot101 said,

    20 september 2008 bij 7:26

    Thank you! Not a glut exactly, but a really nice addition to our allotment harvest. Plenty to give some away and still have enough for ourselves for several weeks. Next year the cooking apples should begin to bear… mmm… canned applesauce… mmm…

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