French bean glut

Through a confluence of events I am currently experiencing a glut of French beans in my allotment. I had purchased some seed from the Real Seed Catalogue in the UK. These were Coco Spohie beans, a flat podded French bean. I had very poor germination and I thought it was just bad luck or bad handling of the sewing on my side. But I was contacted by them with the message that they had received reports of poor germination and if I was experiencing this too, I could get a packet of replacement seed. Really good service, that! Anyhow, I had already sown another type of French beans and then I had also put in the entire remainder of the package of Coco Sophie beans, supposing that they would probably not germinate and that it would not be any use keeping the seeds as they were not of good quality for germination. But, lo and behold, this time all the seeds germinate it. Causing me to have quite a few French bean plants. And they have been producing quite well over the last weeks. Of course, we have eaten French bean several times, I have also given away plenty, but I have also been diligently blanching and freezing the harvest. This results in us now having some 20 frozen green bean packages. Just like in the picture, where you can see this morning’s efforts ready to be frozen.


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