Fixing things

A few months ago I was given a food processor, which was standing idle in an acqaintance’s kitchen cupboard.I’m not used to owning one, so I kept forgetting about it. Tonight I wanted to make some pastry and I figured it would come in handy. To my dismay nothing happened when I pressed the switch! Press harder, make sure the plug is in the socket, make sure the bowl is fixed on the engine properly… to no avail.

So I handed the device over to DH to work his magic, which he promptly did. It was quite a challenge to get to the innards of the processor, so that took a while. First it seemed to be a corroded contact of the on/off switch, but fixing that didn’t help. So DH quested on and finally deduced that therelease of the safety mechanism (can’t engage the engine unless the lid of the bowl is on) wasn’t properly engaged when the lid was, in fact, safely on. A bit of duct tape to make the little handle press down a mm deeper solved the problem neatly. Then DH also managed to get the entire thing back together without ending up with leftover parts and … voila… a working food processor. Three cheers for DH!!!


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