Elderflower bugs!

Armed with bag and scissors I went collecting elderflowers for cordial this morning. Got about 15 ‘umbels’ (anyone uses this word? It’s what my dictionary tells me is the name for flowers of an umbellifer….) and went to clipping off the green stems right after returning home.

To my dismay each umbel didn’t only yield sweet smelling blossom, but also about a thousand (only slightly exaggerated, truly!) tiny crawly insects of less than a mm length.

Loath to dispose of my harvest I proceeded and then kept moving the flowers from one bowl to another (in between cleaning the bowls) until much fewer creepy crawlies came out. My, thus unfortunately much reduced, volume of blossoms now sits in the deep freezer which will hopefully cause massive death among the elerflower insects.

In my mind they will drop to the bottom of the bowl when they have died after which I can lift of the flowers and process them as intended. If this will happen in reality remains to be seen.

To be continued….

Continued: In frozen condition the critters were easy enough to make a picture of. Fortunately we have a camera with a great macro feature.

I have taken out the frozen blossom and a fair amount of bugs lay in the bottom of the bowl. The blossoms are now covered with boiling water and I’m going to forget there were any critters still in them. Yes, I’m determined to forget. Or to consider them an extra source of protein. I’m sure I got most of them out and I’ll make sure to boil the sirup/cordial well before putting it in jars. That should take care f any nasties, I hope.


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