Container gardening


My allotment is in 2 km from home. Usually I do not consider that a problem, although unfortunately I tend to be lazy and go there by car. There is always some excuse: I have to take plants, bags of compost or tools, which are not easy to haul by bicycle.

Anyway, usually I go to the allotment at least twice a week during the growing season and I harvest those vegetables I plan to eat the rest of the week. But with lettuce that is not so convenient, as they really are best when they are just harvested. So I decided to grow lettuce at home this year in containers. So far I am very pleased with this tactic. I had already in my possession a big container in which cement can be mixed and another large-ish flower container, which are now both used to grow lettuce.

I harvest all lettuces leaf by leaf, even the varieties that are intended to grow to heads. But as soon as the plant is spent and replaced, I enrich the soil with my own vermicompost (worm compost). Hopefully this will ensure good growth throughout the season.


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  1. 15 mei 2008 bij 18:17

    Ik zet de sla altijd in grote bloempotten, maar dan wel in het kasje.
    Worden ze bovendien lang niet zo vies, want ik geef water op de aarde.
    Leuk he, dat moestuin gebeuren !
    groetjes Thea

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