8 hour working day

Phew, I am knackered! We had a long, but very satisfying day at the allotment today. DH managed to complete a very important job today. The area behind the plytunnel was extremely messy. A wild tangle of brambles and some huge rhubarb crowns grew there together with counless weeds (nettles, dandelions). In a previous post I reported the destruction of the old, thorny blackberry and the installation of the new, thornless blackberry in a new spot.

After some hard work (by DH, the clay is way too hard for me to work) the area was levelled and we took some measurements to check out where the planned raised bed would come and what area would be paved. Then we got 5 wheelbarrows of sand. When it looked like

shown on the first photo I remembered it might be nice to have a photograph.

As we did not want dandelions and nettle or perhaps even rhubarb pushing up the paving stones, we put anti weed cloth on top of the sand and then paved the area. Or rather, I assisted by lifting paving stones from other spots on the allotment and scraping them, while DH did the actual paving.

I know it’s not done entirely properly as we didn’t have enough half stones to do it properly. Nevertheless I’m
very pleased with the result.


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