90 minutes at the allotment


As mour other plns for today were canceled, I took some time to got to the allotment. It was windy, but not too cold and it didn’t rain.

I’d collected som brown carton boxes for weed control, so I went to the allotment by car and took the boxes. I put them behind the poly tunnel. This worked very well last year, but now that the last of the carton hadrotted away, the weeds were teeming. Except for some dandelions, which I removed, I left the weeds and put the carton on top; weighed down with some tiles.

Once you start killing of dandelions (and dandelionesses, I suppose) you can keep at it for hours (at least on my plot). But today I quit after some 30 ‘lions.

blauwebes.jpgIn the tunnel I’d sown some grey peas and broad beans a few weeks ago. Slowly the first green dots are starting to appear. It takes much longer than I would have thought, The soil must be colder, even in a mild winter in the poly tunnel, than I thought.

Also did some weeding around the blueberry.  Gave the bush a bucket of compost and put some wood bark around it. This suppresses the weeds and makes the soil more acid. Which is good for blueberries, I’m told.


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