Sparkling mead – by accident!

Yesterday we had some friends over and they were curious about mead. So I opened up a small beer-type bottle which had been bottled last october. I thought for sure it would be too green to be palatable, but wanted to show off anyhow Cool

Psssssht. That’s what I heard when I uncapped it. And it had gone all sparkly. Taste wasn’t too bad, either. Even if I don’t fancy sparkling alcoholic drinks. Friends were suitably impressed and left with a slightly larger bottle tucked in their bags. I’m glad almost all bottles were beer bottles and the other one hasn’t popped the corck.

Now I prefer not to sulfite and sorbate, but if this is going to happen more often I might. I KNOW I should have left the mead longer, in hindsight, though it was really nice and clear when I bottled it. I was convinced it was done. However, I wondered if one of those filter systems which work on gravity (like racking) with a ‘sterile’ type filter would *reliably* prevent this from happening. Birthday coming up in a few monhts….


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